Trennex® stands for the highest quality.

Our aim is to maintain this and to be known for this quality guarantee.

An activity that meets this requirement is the result of continuity, reliability, and trust. Promising technologies, products and working methods must be fostered without losing people or already functioning solutions. This attitude is the basis for sustainable cooperation -internally as well as with customers and suppliers- which in turn enables targeted work and high quality.


Quality is not just a word here; it is the basis for all areas of our work:

  1. The customer comes first, for the orientation and determination of our goals
    This requires confidential and solution-oriented support for customers in order to recognize their requirements and challenges and, as a result, to exceed their expectations, to be able to react quickly and to deliver appropriate solutions and products.
  2. The employees are committed to our quality policy
    All employees, especially management, are guided by the principles of our quality policy. With this overarching goal, it is possible for everyone to work effectively together and to develop interdepartmental solutions.
    Trust, reliability, and continuous training of employees in their respective areas and beyond are crucially important. This includes showing employees great respect and appreciation, contrary to the Swabian motto: 'Net g‘schimpft isch g‘lobt gnug ‘ (“Not being scolded is enough praise.”)
  3. Quality management as the key to continuous improvement
    High-quality raw materials and their corresponding treatment and processing is essential for the high quality of our services. Long-term, reliable business relationships are only possible if these aspects are considered in the selection of suppliers. Our quality management system is open to new requirements and we are constantly working on its further development.
    We use internal key figures to reliably achieve our targets and to check our goals for their effectiveness and the transparent presentation of results.
  4. Environmental awareness for sustainable, conscientious, and safe work
    Continuous new and further developments with alternative and higher-quality raw materials focus on the environment, customers, and employees with the intent to reduce wear and tear and waste through application-oriented products. This is intended to prepare us for future requirements and to guarantee the company's continued economic stability.

Sustainable Energy

In order to meet our demands for ecological sustainability and future challenges, we strive to reduce emissions internally in addition to optimizing products and their applications.

In the long term, regarding our electricity consumption this is to be achieved by a own photovoltaic system. Until this goal is reached, we purchase certified green electricity.

Certificate Green Electricity [PDF]


We want to support our partners at all levels.

As a reliable partner, we want to form a holistic system of close cooperation with our customers, suppliers, and our workforce, taking into account ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

Ethics and Code of Conduct

For us, living integrity means living up to our responsibility towards our stakeholders. To this end, we are committed to our code of conduct as the central guideline for our daily work.

Ethics and Code of Conduct [PDF]



Certified quality management according to
ISO 9001:2015

In addition to regular external customer audits, we have had our quality management system certified since 1994 as a way to maintain the quality of our processes.

ISO 9001:2015 - Certificate [PDF]



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