Polysiloxane-free release agent – for structural castings without heat treatment

Due to the increasing spread of electric vehicles, the requirements for the range of castings are also changing in many aluminum foundries. One focus of new ­developments is on ever larger structural parts with new alloys, another on reducing work steps in order to reduce costs.

Polysiloxane-free  release agent for structural castings without heat treatment

In recent years, new alloys have been developed for structural casting that do not require any subsequent heat ­treatment. This saves time, money, energy and equipment.

However, this also means that the release agent residues on the surface of the castings are no longer thermally decomposed! In most cases, for structural parts without heat treatment special release agents must be used, which can then be easily removed from the castings.

Geiger + Co. Schmierstoff-Chemie GmbH developed the polysiloxane-free Trennex CI 7 for this application years ago together with a well-known OEM and successfully launched it on the market. Trennex CI 7 therefore has an OEM approval for naturally hard alloys without heat treatment, which are then bonded. Trennex CI 7 does not contain any polysiloxanes or ingredients that are difficult to wash off. As a result, even with unwashed raw parts, the surface tension required for coating and painting is significantly higher than with conventional release agents:


Application example

Raw casting before washingConventional release agentTrennex CI 7
Surface tension     [mN/m]32



Wide range of applications
In recent years, Trennex CI 7 has found various applications in structural parts and other thin-walled castings that are supposed to be suitable for subsequent bonding or coating:

  • Trennex CI 7 is diluted with water between 1:50 and 1: 150 depending on the application.
  • The future use of Minimum Quantity Spraying or Hybrid Spraying was also taken into account during development.
  • For optimum results with Minimum Quantity Spraying, we recommend our further development, Trennex CI 7 B, based on our Trennex CI7.





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