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About us

Release agents and lubricants are indispensable in die casting plants. They play a key role, especially in the production of high-quality castings. With the perfect separating and lubricating effect of our Trennex ® products, we have been creating an essential prerequisite for good demolding, flawless cast part surfaces and clean molds for over 60 years. We have deliberately specialized exclusively in this product range in order to be able to offer especially unique services to die casters.



  • Nearly 1000 pallet slots enable high delivery readiness and short delivery times
  • Long-term cooperation with local raw material suppliers ensures availability
  • R&D and production in Germany guarantees high quality
  • Greatest possible know-how through specialization in release agents and lubricants allow us to take care of our customers, from the development in Heilbronn to the introduction of the product and on-site support



  • Service via experienced application engineers who are constantly communicating and learning from each other
  • International activities and representatives enable an international exchange/transfer of technology, enabling trends and innovations to be centrally collected and recognized at an early stage
  • Customer training on the use of release agents



  • Participating in research projects and the continuous communication between the application engineers and the development department in regular internal meetings enable us to guarantee direct market proximity during the development phase.
  • We are able to carry out customer-specific developments or modifications if required and then to implement these modifications for our customer via our application engineers.
  • Independent execution of all necessary analyses can be carried out at any time
  • Consideration of the environment in the development and raw material selection (REACH conformity for all materials: no SVHC substances, etc.)
  • Exclusively tested high-quality raw materials for efficient and biostable products


The central collection of information and know-how, as well as the coordination of all activities at one location, in combination with a very well networked application technology close to the market, ensures the highest quality while at the same time enables an innovative and application-oriented development process. Product launches are accompanied by experienced partners and employees and the experience gained is documented accordingly.


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